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Virtual Party of Eight

March 16, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm MDT

Our Ambassadors are ordering takeout from their favorite restaurants. Choose your cuisine (or your Ambassador) and enjoy an intimate, virtual dinner Party of Eight. And after the Party? It’s the After Party, of course.

To encourage mixing and mingling, we’ll put you in breakout rooms, where you can compare the fare from your Party of Eight and make a few new friends to boot. Register to choose a “table” and receive a Zoom link here: https://forms.gle/oiXgUHjSkRe3xAC4A

All attendees are responsible for ordering their own meal and for the cost of their food and beverages. Attendees will receive a $10 reimbursement for their meal. Please note, ordering food from a specific restaurant is not mandatory in order to participate in this event.

Table Options:

Mordy Jacobson-Kassai Sushi
Donni Summers- Garbanzo’s
Shauna Kanel- Chuey FU’s Latin-Asian Grub
Yehoshua Hooper- Brooklyn Pizza
Rebecca Green- Angelo’s

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