Jewish Speed Dating Events

Much like guilt, speed dating was invented by the Jews

In 1998, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo introduced the concept of speed dating using a gragger (noisemaker) from Purim as a signal to switch partners, at a Peet’s Coffee in Beverly Hills. But the coffee brand is unimportant now.

What is important is the Rabbi’s attempt to introduce Jewish Singles to each other with “maximum efficiency” took flight. And, although the rabbi and his friends had trademarked “SpeedDating”, they decided to release it to the world as an act of good karma and zechus (“the merit that is created by good action”). “To see your actions unfold in a good way makes for a happier existence,” Deyo said. “And I’m a happy guy.”

In the US, Jewish Speed Dating events are organized by Tribester (that’s us) and others. If you make a great connection at one, be sure to let us know

Jewish speed dating couple with coffee