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Makom Shalom is Chicago's only Jewish Renewal community.
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About Us

In 1991, Rabbi Allen Secher pioneered Makom Shalom, a new Jewish community in Chicago. Makom Shalom brought a new spirit to Jewish religious life. Makom Shalom celebrates people as they are. Makom Shalom welcomes Jews of every color, sexual orientation, and beliefs. Interfaith families helped build our congregation, and non-Jewish members play key roles in the life and leadership of the community. Makom worships with joy through music and dance. Makom flies no national flags and welcomes divergent views on Israel and Palestine.

Twenty-six years ago, Makom sang a new, unfamiliar song. Many of Makom’s innovations, have since become mainstream throughout the community. The outlier became the trailblazer.

In this new age of disunity when many are experiencing racial hatred, misogyny, class war and anti-Semitism, Makom Shalom stands for wholeness of body and soul. We find our way with faith and hope through justice and community.  Makom Shalom is a spiritual well, a place where we gather to pray and learn with body, mind and heart.

We are called to heal the world  - and through doing so, keep our own spirit alive

““Makom Shalom stands for love. A love of the Divine. Love for each other. Love for our fellow Jews. Love for all our neighbors.”

Makom Shalom is a dynamic Jewish Renewal congregation connected to other communities of faith. We are committed to celebrating our authentic selves, deepening our faith and spirituality, supporting each other and standing in solidarity with marginalized religious and ethnic communities. We kindle a new spirit through being with each other and reaching outward across racial and religious divides.




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Makom Shalom

3338 N Broadway Chicago, Illinois 60657, US
+1 224-326-3883

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