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Putting the "date" back into online dating. 🙌 Go on a first date from the comfort of home. 🎙 Join the waitlist now! 📱
Blink Date online dating app


Blink Date is a new dating app that has no swiping, no profiles, and no endless messaging – just real conversations with prospective matches. Blink was founded by Taly Matiteyahu after a blackout dining experience in Israel helped her discover connections with new people she never imagined!

DID YOU KNOW: 20% of heterosexual men get 80% of matches on dating apps. So… if you’re one of the remaining 80% of heterosexual men, you’re going to have a tough time getting a date. And if you’re a heterosexual woman, it means you’re competing against all women for the same small group of men.

Dating doesn’t have to be this way. You can go on a date without creating a profile or any swiping with Blink Date, a dating app that sets you up for first dates via the app so you can cut straight to the date.

Join the waitlist to stop swiping and start… actually dating.


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