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♥️Raising money for families who can’t afford to have a Shabbat meal♥️
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Shabbat Angels was founded in February of 2021 with the initial goal of alleviating the financial burden felt by so many Jewish families around the time of Shabbat and Chagim. While that has continued to be our core purpose, the organization has also become a hub for young Jewish professionals to volunteer, donate, and connect. This community was looking for an organization that resonated with them to give their Maaser (the jewish idea that one should give 10% of their salary back to those less fortunate). Shabbt Angels was able to fill that need and in doing so has become the primary source of giving and volunteering for many young Jewish adults to give back and get involved in their community.

On a weekly basis, Shabbat Angels donates $200/family to 9 families in need on the Lower East Side. We work with the grocery stores directly, prepaying on behalf of the families so that each family can have dignity of going grocery shopping on their own to cook for Shabbat. We have partnered with Just One Chessed to donate $18,000 a year so families in Israel can buy food for Shabbat as well as the JCCGCI to deliver hundreds of freshly cooked meals to Holocaust survivors and elders in our community.

Monthly, we host in person volunteer events for members of our community to come together and give back. This ranges from Challah Bakes, compiling care packages, delivering meals for Chagim to the elderly, and much more. 

Shabbat Angels continues to grow and find opportunities to aid our fellow Jews in need, while staying true to our core mission of alleviating the financial burden around Shabbat and Chagim. Most importantly we strive to ensure a enjoyable and meaningful experience for both recipients and volunteers. We hope you join our community.

- Shana & Nicole


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