Advertising and Sponsorship


Promote your event or brand through Tribester to reach engaged Jewish professionals

Photo by Karolina Zuraw on Unsplash

As a startup, we only reach people who are active in the Jewish world today (not five years ago!). As a company, we make it a practice to remove inactive members so that both we and you are only interacting with people who are actively engaged. 

Likewise, we only accept advertising and sponsorship arrangements that we believe our members will find engaging.

We’re particularly adept at helping you promote your event. But we can also help you to promote your brand on the web, directly to our members in their inboxes, through social media and one-to-one at our real world events.

Please reach out for further details and pricing.

  • Sponsor a Tribe
  • Sponsor an Event
  • List and promote your event
  • Dedicated emails
  • More!
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