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The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is New York’s contribution to the global responsibility to never forget. The Museum is committed to the crucial mission of educating diverse visitors about Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust. As a place of memory, the…

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The Tribal Ball

The Nation’s Premier Jewish Singles Event

“With an estimated 3,000 guests and music calculated to permit conversation, both the dancing and the flirting were said to have been great.”
The New York Times
“More than 3,500 dressed-to-impress” attendees to “venue hop in style” at “the country’s largest Jewish Singles event.”
The Washington Post
“All about helping Jewish singles meet up, dance, network, share some laughs and maybe make a lasting connection. Thousands of attendees have been recorded … so this is big, very big.”
“Cut to around 1:00 AM. Nearly everyone is dancing. Some are shaking their tuchus (is there a plural to tuchus? Tuchuses? Tuchusi?) on tables and chairs.”
“The mother of all Jewish Singles parties and the largest Jewish singles event in the nation.”
“Ever wonder where all the young, hip Jewish kids go on Christmas Eve? They’re at the one, the only, The Ball.”
Paper Magazine
“The grandest [matzo ball party] of all, packing ’em in 3,000 strong, including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney.”
“The hottest event in town isn’t the Matzo Ball. 4,000 singles are anticipated to attend this year’s event”
“Close to 1,000 singles dressed-to-impressed celebrated. Inside there were multiple dance floors and beautiful people.”
THE New York Times
“A bigger deal than the parting of the Red Sea.”
LA Weekly
“The Christmas Eve gold standard.”
New York Post
“A high-end event,” “awash in cocktail dresses,” “attended by Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the Month” and “3,000 guests who schmoozed their way over three vast floors.”