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“Tribe Match” Miami Jewish Speed Dating (Ages 40-60) by

Tue June 27 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm America/Miami

Couple on a date at a bar

NYC’s Best-Attended Jewish Speed Dating Events come to Miami and South Florida!

Looking for mutual attraction by swiping between photos of people? So 2012. Looking for mutual attraction by meeting actual people? That’s Tribe Match  Jewish speed dating, sponsored by Tribester.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet you online (directions will be emailed to you) and set you up with 8-16+ mini-dates each lasting about 4 minutes. You’ll let us know whether you’d be interested in further connecting with each. It’s like JSwipe and Tinder IRL except without the hookup vibes and unanswered texts.

Our elves will compile your matches and you’ll receive them the very next day. We’ll provide you with your match’s first name and email and they will receive your first name and email . We’ll even let you know if you have “one-way matches” (i.e. they selected you, but you didn’t select them) just in case you’ve had a change of heart.

Most participants leave with one or more matches. Not too shabby! And if you participate in the event and don’t say “yes” to any of your dates, your next speed dating event is free. How’s that for a love guarantee?

Hey Speed Dating, what makes you so special?

Couple Speed Dating

Speed-dating allows you to quickly assess whether you have chemistry with numerous potential matches in a short amount of time.

Research has shown that meeting people stimulates oxytocin, the love or “cuddle hormone.” Try that Tinder!

Sometimes the pool of available singles is so large that we impose artificial criteria on our dates, such as he must be this height, or she must answer a question in this manner.

While applying filters can indeed be an effective way to whittle down your pool of prospects, chemistry can only be assessed when meeting the actual person.

Why spend any more time on methods that fail to account for this crucial element?

Join us and see if a spark ignites! We think you will be glad you did.