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Aish San Diego strives to offer a place where you can strengthen your Jewish Identity and that of your family. We endeavor to provide an environment in which you can get to know and experience the power of our eternal Jewish values and have a sense of belonging to a thriving and energetic Jewish Community. Aish is your place to call home that will always provide opportunities for growth and inspiration enhancing the quality of your life as a human being and as a Jew.

Aish Hatorah translates to Fire of Torah.” As Ellie Weisel said: “Aish Hatorah means to me the passion of teaching, the passion of learning. The study of Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival.” Our Mission is to create a movement in which we reduce assimilation and increase Jewish awareness and commitment by promoting community life and Jewish education in San Diego.

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AISH San Diego has not posted any upcoming events.

Aish San Diego

AISH San Diego

4653 Carmel Mountain Road San Diego, California, 92130 United States

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