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DFI-LA is the voice of the Jewish and pro-Israel community in the Democratic Party in Los Angeles.

About Us

Democrats for Israel is the voice of Los Angeles County's Jewish and Pro-Israel community to the Democratic Party and the voice of the Democratic Party to the Jewish and Pro-Israel community across all the cities of Los Angeles County.

Founded in 1990 to serve as a bridge between the Democratic Party and the Jewish/Pro-Israel community. Democrats for Israel-LA has two missions -- fighting Antisemitism in our party and in society at-large; and supporting Israel in any way that we can. DFI-LA puts on a variety of educational and cultural events each year, some aimed at teaching a new generation of activists about the evils of antisemitism, and other events about current developments in Israel. Above all, DFI-LA spreads the word about the rich, multi-ethnic history of the world’s only Jewish country.

We also engage in local and state politics, supporting elected officials and candidates who have demonstrated support for Israel, and who speak out consistently against Antisemitism and hate of all types.

Additionally, there are many volunteer opportunities for those who want to stand up for Israel, and who want to join in the fight against hate and Antisemitism.

Upcoming Events

Democrats for Israel Los Angeles has not posted any upcoming events.

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Democrats for Israel Los Angeles

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