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Building a diverse, creative, nondenominational jewish community in Los Angeles, dedicated to creating a more just world.

About Us

East Side Jews is a diverse, creative, nondenominational Jewish adult community, dedicated to creating a more just world. We strengthen relationships and community through both intimate and explosive eye/heart/mind-opening experiences. We value learning and challenging ourselves and each other, while maintaining an encouraging and loving culture. With support from the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center and other sponsors, East Side Jews offers a cultural, political, and relational home for Jews in Los Angeles.

East Side Jews prioritizes bold and unconventional approaches to Jewish practice and identity. We host large, holiday-related events throughout the year, as well as small, ongoing secular programming. This community encompasses adult engagement not already provided within Family programming. ESJ supports book clubs, cooking workshops, social justice, education panels, film screenings, shabbat experiences, and more! This ever-growing community is constantly evaluating and expanding its value to LA Jews living East of Hollywood.

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East Side Jews has not posted any upcoming events.

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