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J-Life is THE place for Chicago Young Professional Jews! Social networking, awesome events, international trips, and engaging Jewish experiences!

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In Spring of 2008 a young idealistic couple, two Jews from the former Soviet Union who had discovered the age-old wisdom of their people, realized that no one was making this treasure available to people of their background. They sunk their own money into taking a group of like-minded men and women on a two week tour of Israel to rediscover their lost heritage... and J-Life was born.
Since then, hundreds of bright Jewish minds (like yours) and inspired Jewish hearts (like yours) from all walks of life have found J-Life to be a warm place to spread their wings, meet new and interesting people, and reclaim ownership of their national historical treasure.  Welcome home.


​We do our darndest to make sure you have a good time, with good people, and feel good while doing it. That's the way all good things happen, right?
To that end, we put together weekly social, educational, and experiential gatherings that are fun and engaging. Come and find out a good location in the city or in the suburbs. Join us for a Shabbat meal, a trip across the country, or around the globe. Or to a local BBQ!


We make it happen by engaging your heart💖, your mind💡and your soul 🔥.


We know, we know, your a guy looking for the right girl or the girl looking for the right guy.  We want to help build Jewish homes, too - let us help you make the match! Tons of people have met their match through J-Life. Are you next?


There is no such thing a good J-Life gathering without some lively debate. Be it politics, sports, Bitcoin, or (gasp) even Torah, we will have more opinions talking in loud voices than is legal. Here, you are encouraged to think, listen and debate. Go ahead - sharpen that saw. The only rule: do it with respect.


Whether you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person or not, you likely sense that you have a purpose and mission here on Earth. You may have an inkling of what that is - or you may not. For the Jewish people, we're good at helping tease that out. Join us for engaging discussions, experiences, and journeys packed with enjoyment and meaning. Let's see what your soul's got to say about it.

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