Delicious dishes and gourmet menus crafted for your event. Feeding people throughout the NYC metropolitan area.

About Us

Jonathan Hartig and Jonathan Schechter--a.k.a. JSquaredFood a.k.a. J2Food--met and became friends in early 2015 within the Jewish community of Philadelphia, but they really bonded over their shared love of food while auditioning for Season 7 of MasterChef. Even though they did not fulfill their lifelong dreams of cooking with Gordon Ramsay, they became lifelong foodie friends and the idea of cooking together was born.

​Fast forward a year later, and after cooking together for some successful foodie events in Philly, we launched our own food business, J2Food, and feed the masses! Whether mini desserts for a large function to a multi-course dinner in a client's home, we make food that is always beautiful, delicious, and cooked with love. We're excited to cater your next event! We serve the New York City metropolitan area and beyond.

Upcoming Events

J2Food has not posted any upcoming events.



233 East 86th Street New York

+1 646-368-1196

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