Jewish Houston Young Professionals Experience (J-Hype)

We are a community of growth oriented Jewish young professionals in Houston Texas focusing on education, social events, trips and fun. Join us!

About Us

We are a community of growth oriented Jewish young professionals in Houston Texas.

At J-HYPE we are aiming to cultivate meaningful relationships with each other and with our heritage through exciting programs, trips, social events, and educational initiatives. Our goal is to provide every Jewish young professional, regardless of affiliation or denomination, with the beauty and wisdom of Jewish life and learning, while building community and friendship among peers.

J-HYPE was founded in 2019 with the goal of connecting Houston’s Jewish Young Professionals community together and providing a space and platform for inclusivity, leadership, Jewish learning, and growth. We feel that our heritage is rich with wisdom that can positively impact our lives and our relationships.

Everyone is welcome at J-HYPE, regardless of background, affiliation or denomination in Judaism. If you like being around other young Jews, and are looking to learn and grow, you’ll feel right at home with us! Our model capitalizes on the camaraderie created on trips, the warmth of the Shabbat table, and the invigorating interactive Jewish discussions among peers.

With many community resources at our disposal, the sky is the limit.

Upcoming Events

Sun April 9 9:00 pm
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Jewish Houston Young Professionals Experience (J-Hype)

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