MSC strives to connect every single Sephardic Jew through events and other social initiatives. Miami is our home base.

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Miami Sephardic Club

Miami Sephardic Club is an international nonprofit organization aimed at uniting Sephardic jews across the world. We were recently featured in the hit Netflix series, Jewish Matchmaking, which debuted in May, 2023. MSC was founded in 2021 in Miami by a diverse group of young sephardic professionals who were looking to meet like-minded people. Our board today consists of approximately 50 professionals and 4 Sephardic rabbis.

We are partnered with two of the largest sephardic synagogues in Miami, Temple Moses and the Sephardic Center.

MSC has held major events in Miami, which included a mix of religious focused events (shiurs, torah classes, etc.) and co-ed night events. MSC’s events have attracted crowds from 200 to 550+ people, including guests from Miami and other major world centers (Los Angeles, New York City, Mexico City, Panama City, etc.). We are starting to hold social events in New York City and other locations as of May, 2023.

Aside from events, MSC operates men’s basketball and co-ed soccer leagues for the young jewish community in Miami. MSC functions as a romantic matchmaker for the sephardic community and has set up several young couples internationally.

MSC hosted its first international shabbaton in Panama in May, 2023, which attracted ~90 young professionals from the US and Latin America. We hope to unite the international sephardic community through more trips in the future.

Miami Sephardic Club

1671 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL, US 33139


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