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Qesher is an independent initiative introducing different Jewish communities from around the world.
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Qesher, connection in Hebrew, is a project for an unusual time, in which physical borders have become stronger, but we are more in contact than ever.

There are Jewish communities all around the globe with their own unique history, culture, places, and most of all people and stories. All of them different, but sharing so much. We would like to invite you to a virtual journey to discover some of these Jewish stories from around the world.

Therefore every week we introduce speakers from different regions and communities to give you the chance to enrich and deepen your knowledge of our shared Jewish heritage from wherever you happen to be.

All you need is a free Zoom account and to sign up to any of our upcoming events.


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Thu October 20
Join us for a dynamic interactive journey through the rich history of the Jews of France. France has currently the largest Jewish population in Europe. The history of French Jews successively alternated between periods of tolerance and prosperity and the ordeal of insecurity and anti-Semitism, with both phenomena sometimes coexisting in parallel. Paris ...
Tue October 25
We invite you to visit the heart and the key Jewish cities of Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa We invite you to visit the heart and the key cities of Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa, to explore their Jewish Heritage. Jews have been living in Kiev since 8th century. Over the years, Kiev was home to Jewish scholars and Rabbis, writers and Zionists, business, cultural an ...
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