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Jewish Learning for a Better World

Asking questions, searching for meaning, and addressing critical issues within our communities—these ideas are foundational to Judaism. They are also central to our work at Spertus Institute, where learning sparks engagement, collaboration, and impact.

As an institution of higher Jewish education, we believe that the wisdom in Jewish history, thought, and texts has meaning, not only as an academic pursuit, but as a catalyst for action. The learning we offer is rich, rigorous, and deeply relevant to the challenges we face today—and to building a stronger, more compassionate, more vibrant future.

What We Offer

Degree & Certificate Programs 

At our core are degree and certificate programs in which students engage with Jewish ideas in the service of personal growth, community leadership, and professional advancement. These offerings, which merge theory and practice, educate Jewish professionals, community leaders, and those who seek quality, reflection-driven Jewish Studies scholarship.

Many Ways to Learn

Our academic and professional offerings are complemented by programs in an array of formats, both onsite and online, that provide avenues for people of all backgrounds and denominations to experience the richness of Jewish learning and culture. These programs are open to all. Every year thousands of participants increase their understanding of Jewish values, history, traditions, and beliefs.

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