The Chai Center

For Conservative, Reform, Non-Affilates, and Any Jew That Moves.

About Us is your place for spiritual guidance, family events and special occasions, Jewish Holidays, singles interaction, tradition and culture.

The Chai Center is a very non-profit organization (with State and Federal tax exempt status) #95-4205081 dedicated to serving the Jewish community of greater Los Angeles with:

Our most popular on-going event is a more than full course “Dinner for 60 Strangers” (30 couples or 60 singles) every Friday evening at our home. The Shabbat Dinner is gratis but you do need to RSVP in advance.

We also teach a variety of Classes during the week on different topics of Judaism, flavored with deeper spiritual meanings, explained in contemporary language.

All our activities are for Conservative, Reform, non-affiliates, & any Jew that moves! They require no prior background for your total enjoyment. Please feel free to invite yourself to an event. (310) 391-7995 or email us for no reason.

Upcoming Events

Sun July 2 2:00 pm
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The Chai Center

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