A community for young Jewish adults between the ages of 21 and 35 at Adas Israel.

About Us

YP@AI is a community for young adults between the ages of 21 and 35. Singles can meet singles, young couples can meet young couples, newcomers can connect with other newcomers.

YP@AI works to create environments where young people are committed and engaged in Judaism through connections and relationships both inside and outside of Adas Israel. We empower young adults with the resources to build or enhance a Jewish life for themselves in DC by facilitating more intimate spaces within the broader Adas Israel community. Gather with other YPs across the congregation.

Join us!

  • Gather with other YPs across the congregation.
  • Grow our YP presence at congregational events and activities.
  • Connect with other YPs to foster deeper relationships

Upcoming Events

YP@AI has not posted any upcoming events.

Young Jewish Professionals at Adas Israel


2850 Quebec Street, NW Washington, DC 20008

+1 202-362-4433

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