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NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief is an all-volunteer Israeli humanitarian disaster relief organization with 18 years of experience in global operations. NATAN collaborates with international NGOs and local communities throughout the world.
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NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief is as an Israeli-based disaster relief organizations working to assist communities facing humanitarian crisis and disasters. We are a multicultural, non-governmental, non-political organization. We have aided refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Serbia and in Greece as well as victims of natural and man-made and environmental disasters.

Our DNA:

  • Rapid deployment – Our teams deploy within 72 hours after the event
  • High professional standards: Professional volunteers with proven experience, supervised by academic institutions
  • Volunteerism: Volunteers both on administrative level and in the field. We have a roster of over 850 volunteers, most of them ready to deploy
  • Inter-Organizational Collaboration: A network of international and Israeli organizations committed to sharing skills and experience in humanitarian operations
  • Flexibility: NATAN’s programs are adjusted to the unique needs of each target community by our multifaith and multicultural volunteers
  • Working on both individual and community levels: Community empowerment programs based on “Train the Trainers”​ principle in medical, psycho-social and community development and resilience skills
  • Ability to operate independently in the field in partnership with local organizations

Established 2004 – Our previous name was NATAN International Humanitarian Aid.


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Natan Worldwide Disaster Relief

73 Gordon Street Tel Aviv, Israel
972-52 734 50 05

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