Uptown Chabad Young Professionals

We are a new community of Young Jewish Professionals (20s and 30s) looking to connect, network, and make an impact.

About Us

Uptown Chabad Young Professionals is the home for the thousands of young Jews in the city. Whether you are (currently) single or a couple, we offer a true community, feeding the heart and soul of each individual.

Whatever your background or connection to things Jewish, our commitment is to ensure you have a place to connect with other young Jews and to have opportunities to grow in your Judaism at your pace.

You will enjoy engaging in inspiring events, social, learning, and volunteer opportunities in a warm and personal setting.  See you soon!

Upcoming Events

Uptown Chabad Young Professionals has not posted any upcoming events.

Uptown Chabad Toronto Young Professionals

Uptown Chabad Young Professionals

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