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We’re the world’s largest local philanthropy.


That means we fund hundreds of nonprofits, local and global, to tackle today’s most pressing problems head-on. It means we’re able to move quickly in times of crises, because we have the relationships and resources already in place to get things done. And it means that we can leverage our collective voice to advocate more loudly for government dollars for people in need across our city.


We welcome multiple perspectives across our community, knowing that we’re stronger for our diversity. It’s when we all work together that we can get more done effectively and efficiently. It’s how we care for Jews everywhere and New Yorkers of all backgrounds. How we respond to crises near and far. And how we shape the Jewish future.


We’re New York’s Jewish philanthropic go-to. We have reach. We’re innovative and impactful. For more than 100 years and counting. Join us and be part of it all.


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UJA Federation of New York

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